V. M. Bronnikov — Harmonization of organism functions. Stage 1.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Bronnikov

Author: Бронников
Title of the book: Harmonization of organism functions. Stage 1.

The method of harmonization and development of organs and systems functions of an organism of the person is based on one of directions of secret Dao Yoga.

The ancients considered the person in triune system of space interactions: the Sky – the Person – the Earth.

Display of Sky essence in the person is an overflowing of a solar energy. The sun is the personification of essence of the Sky. Display of space essence (essence of the Earth) is an overflowing of cosmic (space) energy. The person is a product of interaction of solar and cosmic energies (form-filling and form-creating energies). In the afternoon a solar energy presents a descending stream, but cosmic (space) energy presents ascending stream. During dark time of day these processes vary. As a result of transformation of these two energies in an organism of the person bio-energy is produced at unconscious level.

Exercises “Heaviness” and “Lightness” allow us to operate consciously processes of energy overflowing in an organism. Ability to cause heavy feeling in a body allows us to increase inflow of a solar energy, sensation of lightness – inflow of cosmic (space) energy.

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